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Castle Spedaletto offers you the places and routes of interest to make the most of your stay in Val D'Orcia.

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Trekking in Val d'Orcia

A labyrinth of paths through the Val d'Orcia, a land that is not made to be crossed hurry. Paths ...

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Tuscany's best hot spring

Agriturismo Spedaletto Castle is the ideal base for a spa vacation or to intersperse the visit of...

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Nature and Landscape in Tuscany

Agriturismo Castello di Spedaletto suggests you what to see in Val d'Orcia, itineraries and tips ...

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Wine and Beauty in Tuscany

Agriturismo Castello di Spedaletto suggests you the best routes for visiting the Val d'Orcia and ...

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Art History and Panorama in Tuscany

Agriturismo Castello di Spedaletto suggests you the most suggestive itineraries to discover Val d...

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The History of the Castle

The Castle was built in the XII century by the religious Ugolino da Rocchione along the Via Franc...

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The "Strada del Vino Orcia"

Val d’Orcia it is considered to be the most beautiful countryside in the world and accordingly ha...

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10 must-see places in Tuscany

The eighth wonder of the world is located in Tuscany . The Val d'Orcia is a land of rare...

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